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Sporting Code

As students, your conduct during sporting activities should reflect the school's belief in the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. Your behaviour should be appropriate at all times and it is your responsibility to ...

  • let the team captain know in good time of your availability for fixtures and training
  • if directed, ask permission from your teacher to leave a lesson early and catch up on work missed.  It is entirely at your teacher's discretion whether permission is granted so give them plenty of notice.
  • unless otherwise directed, wear your school uniform or school tracksuit when travelling to and from sports events
  • ensure you are fully and correctly equipped and that all kit is clean
  • look after the facilities and equipment used
  • observe the rules of the sport being played
  • respect fully and without question the decisions of managers, officials and referees
  • ensure, throughout a match, that the captain is the sole point of communication between the teams and officials
  • behave with dignity whether winning or losing and applaud good play
  • at the end of the match, shake hands with your opponents and the officials and thank them for the game


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln