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Religious Studies

Type of Course: AS/A2 Religious Studies


Religious Studies is a subject that requires candidates to consider diverse forms of values, beliefs, and practices as responses to questions of ultimate meaning and purpose.  The course encourages students to:
• Develop their interest in and enthusiasm for a rigorous study of religion and relate it to the wider world
• Adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of    religion
• Reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of their learning.

AS Level
Introduction to Religion and Ethics
Introduction to Western Religions (Islam)

A2 Level
Studies in Religion and Ethics
Religion and Human Experience (compulsory)

Students will be assessed at the end of each academic year:
AS level - 2 written examinations (50%)
A2 level - 2 written examinations (50%)

The WJEC AS/A2 Religious Studies course builds upon the Religious Studies GCSE, using prior knowledge and skills as a foundation upon which to access the AS/A2 content. It is recommended that students have literacy skills   equivalent to C or above, but it is possible that some candidates can be      supported without this requirement.

In today's multicultural workplace and global economy, basic knowledge about other cultures and religious perspectives is indispensable and therefore studying Religious Studies prepares students for many careers and courses of further study.
Studying religion is about people and their many perspectives. In jobs that require relating to others, reaching out to them, building bridges, or incorporating many perspectives at once, a knowledge of religious beliefs and values will provide an excellent foundation. In particular, many students of Religious Studies go on to have careers in the following areas:

• Business (particularly international business)
• Counselling and Social Work        
• Event planning, hospitality, or the service industry
• The government and foreign service
• Marketing and management
• Museums and the arts
• Non-profit or non-governmental organisations


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln