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Type of Course: AS and A2

Course Description:

Psychology is the scientific study of both experience and behaviour and is a fascinating investigation into “how people tick”.

The course provides a general introduction into Psychological Theory, research and its   application through studying a broad range of areas, including:

For the AS:

The course is 100% examination based with 2 examinations. One is on 15 core studies which are about;

· Do people make good witnesses?

· Can we communicate with animals?

· Where do phobias come from?

· What is theory of mind?

· Is playing or watching aggressive games bad  for you?

· Can your brain change in response to experience?

· What happens if your brain split in two?

· What happens when people play the roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison?

· Would you kill another person if told to?

· Would you help a stranger in trouble?

· What is multiple personality disorder?

· Why do people gamble?

· How realistic is the diagnosis of sanity and insanity?

· What is sleep and dreaming?

· Are taxi drivers more intelligent?

The second exam is about designing, carrying out and evaluating psychological investigations.


Psychology has relevance for a broad range of careers, particularly those involving other people eg: Law, Health Care, Personnel, Social work, Police, Teaching, Media, Medical, Business and Sport. Further study can develop into Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Counselling. There is also the opportunity to develop into specific fields within Psychology such as Forensic, Criminal, Educational, Sports and Occupational Psychology.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln