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Course Title:  Psychology

Qualification: AS/A2

Awarding Body: OCR

Examination – 100%                          Coursework – n/a

Description of Course:

This A Level Psychology course will help you gain an understanding of the main issues that arise from various psychological methods, and look at the ways in which psychology can be applied.

AS - Teaching units, assessment method and weighting

G541: Psychological Investigations

Learners become familiar with four techniques for collecting/analysing data: self-report, experiment, observation and correlation. They can conduct their own small investigations and make a record of their activities if they wish.

Mandatory unit

1 hour exam              AS – 30%          A Level – 15%

G542: Core Studies

Learners build knowledge and understanding of 15 psychology studies. They demonstrate evaluation skills and an appreciation of wider psychological approaches/perspectives, theories, issues and debates. They also make comparisons and distinctions between core studies and examine the broader context of general debates within psychology.

Mandatory unit

2 hour exam            AS – 70%            A Level – 35%A

A2- Teaching units, assessment method and weighting

G543: Options in Applied Psychology

Learners have the opportunity to study two areas of applied psychology from four options:

• Forensic Psychology

• Health and Clinical Psychology

• Psychology of Education

• Psychology of Sport and Exercise

There is the opportunity to learn about applications of psychology and how theory is applied in real-life situations.

Mandatory unit

1 hour 30 minutes exam      A Level – 25%

 G544: Approaches and Research Methods in Psychology

This unit is made up of two parts:

• Research methods (design of a practical project)

• Structured questions bringing together approaches, perspectives, methods, issues and debates covered throughout the course.

Mandatory unit

1 hour 30 minutes exam          A Level – 25%


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln