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Course Title: Level 2 Photography

Qualification: Level 2 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Art & Design

Awarding Body:

Examination – 0                                 Coursework – 100%

Description of Course:

This is a one year vocational course where you will develop an understanding of professional photographers, photographic techniques and processes for film based and/or digital cameras.


As part of this course you will;


  • Understand the photographic work of a range of professional photographers
  • Understand the techniques and processes used to create photographic images
  • Be able to use digital or film-based camera techniques and processes to take photographs
  • Be able to edit photographs to produce final photographic images
  • Be able to produce a range of experimental photographic images, and be able to reflect on the photographic images explored and produced
  • Be able to work in a studio setting or on location to produce photographic images


To be successful on this course you need to be flexible, committed, determined, creative and imaginative.

This course is centre-assessed and externally moderated. You will produce a portfolio of evidence showing that your work meets the grading criteria at Pass, Merit or Distinction level.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln