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Type of Course: AS and A2 Mathematics


Course Description

Prospective A2 and AS Level Mathematicians should have obtained a good grade (preferably A*, A or B) at Higher Tier GCSE. Those students with a Grade C may find the course difficult, although not impossible, if they are prepared to work hard from the start


All prospective A2 and AS Level students in Mathematics are expected to complete some pre-course preparation over the summer, prior to the start of the course in September.  This takes the form of a booklet, which deals with many of the topics from GCSE that are particularly useful in the first year.  Completion of the booklet is strongly recommended, as it helps to highlight any areas where extra support may be needed.



The course is a demanding one, which calls for continuous hard work and practice.  Work for completion will be set weekly and should be regarded as the minimum necessary for success.  As students will spend a large proportion of their time working on the subject, it is essential that they should enjoy doing mathematics and be prepared to discuss the subject when necessary.


The students will be entered for the Modular examinations from the Edexcel Board. All candidates study Core Mathematics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics. This enables them to gain experience of a very wide range of mathematical topics, in order that they will be able to use the skills and knowledge acquired in a suitably wide range of applications.  There are six modules in total.  All are assessed by examination; hence there is no coursework    requirement.


Although Core Mathematics is a subject in its own right, dealing with algebra, trigonometry and calculus, its main use is to give us the powerful techniques with which to construct and use the mathematical models needed in order to solve problems from a diverse range of activities.  Confident and accurate use of algebraic skills is essential.  The ability to work quickly and accurately without being over-dependent on a calculator is also required.  There is a non-calculator examination (C1) which is compulsory for all students.


In the Statistics Module pupils will be further developing their skills of data analysis and probability from GCSE, often linked to real life data and situations.


Decision Mathematics is a distinct branch of mathematics which students will meet for the first time at A Level.  Here techniques are learnt for solving real life problems such as shortest route between two points on a network, minimum distance spanning all points on a network, and best method for maximising profit/minimising costs.



Degree courses that can follow from an A Level in Mathematics are numerous and include:  Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Computing, Engineering, Business Studies, Economics, Technology, Sciences and Medicine.




    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln