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Letters to Parents

Easter Newsletter

Year 8 Parents' Evening - 19th March 2015
Letter to Parents

Train to Teach Information Evenings
Letter to Parents

Year 7 Parents' Evening - 5th February 2015
Letter to Parents

Year 9 Parents' Evening & Option Evening 22nd January 2015
Letter to Parents

Christmas Newsletter December 2014

Year 10 Parents Evening Thursday 8th January 2015
Letter to parents

Year 12 Parents Evening Thursday 8th January 2015
Letter to parents

Sixth Form Open Evening - Thursday 27th November 2014 - 6.00-8.00pm
Letter to parents

Great Minds Lectures at The University of Lincoln
Letter sent to parents

Information regarding Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
Letter to parents

Drama Students visiting Lincoln University
Letter to parents

Year 12 & Year 13 Progress Checks
Letter to parents

Year 11 ICT Revision Guides
Letter to parents

GCSE Art Students - Visit by Artist Sally Lidgett 4th November 2014
Letter to parents

Thursday 6th November Year 11 & 13 Parents' Evening
Letter to Year 11 Parents
Letter to Year 13 Parents

Revision Sessions during October half term
Letter re D&T Sessions
Letter re Mathematic Session

Performance Theatre Trip to Nottingham to see The Great Gatsby
Letter regarding details

Thursday 9th October Year 7 Tutor Meeting
Letter regarding appointments

Mathematics Department assessment letters:
Yr 7 Assessment Letter
Yr 8 Assessment Letter
Yr 9 Assessment Letter

Click on the links below to read information sent to parents by the Academy.

Newsletter September 2014

Newsletter July 2014

Newsletter Easter 2013

Newsletter Christmas 2013

Ski Trip February 2014

Staff Changes February 2014

Sport Relief 21st March 2014 arrangements

Year 5 Olympic & Paralympic Festival

Parents re 26th March 2014 - NUT Industrial Action

Easter Newsletter April 2014

Year 11 Parents re Examination Season April 2014

Parents re Academy Choir performing at the Lincolnshire Show

Sheffield Hallam University Multiplicative project

Big Bang STEM Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council Emergency Planning - Year 9

Multi Sports Day & WOW Day Juy 2014

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln