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 As part of The Priory Federation of Academies, the students at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy will have the opportunity to participate in a residential visit to the Centre des Etoiles. 

The Centre is in the Normandy region of France, approximately eight miles from Bayeux, and has excellent facilities for up to 32 students per visit.

It is our intention that every Year 7 student has the opportunity to visit the Centre for a week-long residential visit.

In addition to the Year 7 trip, we have used the facility for: Sixth Form students as part of their Level 3 Sports course; Year 11 students as an opportunity to do some intensive study in preparation for examinations; and for the Army Cadet Force to carry out some training.

Further details about the Centre Des Etoiles can be found on the Federation page of the website. A short presentation is also attached below.

  1. Centre des Etoiles

The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln