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Year 7
How and why do we study History?
What happened in 1066?
How did William establish control of England?
Who had the power in the Middle Ages?
What was life like for ordinary people in the Middle Ages?
The Crusades
The Religious Power struggles 1500-1750
How did ordinary people live, 1500-1750?
Who was important 1500-1750?
How were wars fought?

Year 8
Britain 1750-1900
Local study – The Typhoid epidemic
The Slave Trade
The 20th Century – an age of War?
The Cold War

Year 9
Local History – significance
Source skills
Dunkirk – interpretation
International History – terrorist or freedom fighter?
Archaeology – what can it tell us?
The migrant experience – comparing the West Indian experience to the Ugandan Asian experience
China – GCSE preparation

Key Stage 4
Course Title:  History
Qualification:  GCSE
Awarding Body:  OCR
Description of Course

During the course students will study for three assessments.  Paper 1 includes Weimar & Nazi Germany, and the Cold War.  Controlled Assessment will be a question about America between 1919 and 1941.  Paper 2 includes, women and the right to vote, Britain during WW1 and poverty in England.

Key Stage 5
Course Title: History
Qualification: AS/A2
Awarding Body: OCR
Examination – 75%                            Coursework – 25%

Pre-requisite Recommendations:
GCSE History preferred (grade C or above)
Candidates with a keen interest in History and an interest in History and the world around them will also be considered.   
A new A Level course will commence from Sept 2015, this will be AQA:
Breadth Study - Unit 1C The Tudors: England, 1485-1603 (40%)
Depth Study - Unit 2N Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia and the Soviet Union, 1917–1953 (40%)
A coursework unit of 3000-3500 words (exact details TBC) worth 20%



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