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Health and Social Care

Type of Course: Health & Social Care

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma or  Diploma

Course description

These Level 3 Nationally recognised courses provide a vocational emphasis for students interested in a career in the Care sector. Students will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for  successful performance in working life.

In order to study this course you must achieve:

English  GCSE grade C or higher; Science GCSE grade C or BTEC Merit/Dist and Health & Social Care BTEC Merit.

Maths GCSE grade C or higher would be a distinct advantage.

Topics studied will include:

Effective communication;  Equality, Diversity and Rights;  Health, Safety and Security;  Development through the Lifestages;  Anatomy and Physiology;  Personal and professional development; Nutrition; Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.

The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma contains 6 units and is worth the equivalent of 1 A Level grade and the BTEC Diploma contains 12 units and is worth the equivalent of 2 A Level grades.


This is by portfolio and there are no external examined units.  The portfolios will use a diverse variety of styles eg. Case studies, projects, work-based assessments and time-constrained assessments.   The Diploma course requires 100 hours of work experience in 2 different work placements.  The Subsidiary Diploma course requires 50 hours of work experience also in 2 different work placements.


An ideal qualification for those wishing to develop a career in any aspects of the Care    Sector, for example; social work, nursing, midwifery, teaching, nursery nursing, elderly care, social care.





    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln