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Government and Politics

Type of Course: AS and A2

Politics is the study of power. Quite simply, politics affects everything you do.

At this level you will study:

· A range of different political beliefs

· The workings of government

· Politics of the UK and the USA

· Current issues

· Law

At AS Level

Students will study two units and this makes up 50% of the Advanced (A2) Level course.

The units cover:

· Modern politics of the UK including parties, elections and voting behaviour

· The government of the UK including parliament, the European Union and the Prime Minister

At A2 Level

· At Advanced Level there are two further units. These additional units cover:

· A study of modern day American politics including the presidency, parties and civil rights

· The government of the USA including elections, the constitution and the legal system


Each unit is assessed by examination. There is no coursework.


The study of Government and Politics provides a sound base for those wishing to proceed into higher education. The course is well respected by universities as providing a sound intellectual base. The course combines will with other subjects such as History, Geography, Sociology, Business Studies, English and Psychology. It can lead to a diverse range of careers including law, politics, television, journalism, advertising and teaching

Students will need to keep informed about current affairs and develop their own opinions and beliefs. Lessons will be engaging, informative and interesting with topical debates providing intellectual nourishment.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln