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Governing body

The Priory Academy LSST's Governing Committee comprises:

Dr D Knowles (Chair)
Mr P Kenton (Vice-Chair)
Mr J Weir
Mr A Gresham
Mrs N Bond
Dr A Shepley
Mrs J Siddall

The Governors' Finance and General Purposes Committee comprises:

Mr P Kenton (Chair)
Dr D Knowles
Mr I Jones
Mrs R Sharpe (Finance Officer)

Each member of the Governing Committee is responsible for an area of management within the Academy and is linked with the most approipriate member of the senior leadership team (SLT). In addition to the meetings above, these linked partnerships meet on a regular basis and report to the full Committee.

The Priory Academy LSST Link Governor Structure 2014/2015

Area of Responsibility

 SLT member

Link Governor

Achievement (including groups of pupils)

Mr S Evans

Mr J Weir

Behaviour & Safeguarding

Miss K Creaser

Mrs N Bond

Teaching and Learning

Mr J Culshaw

Dr A Shepley


Mr I  Jones

Dr D Knowles

6th Form/Boarding

Mr N Newbold

Mr J Weir


Mr N Brown

Mr A Gresham


Mrs R Sharpe

Mr P Kenton

Trips / Visits / Organisation

Mr D Lea

Mrs J Siddall

To contact any member of the Governing Committee, please email the Clerk, Mrs J Coster:

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln