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The Geography Department seeks to develop the awe and interest in students about the world in which we live. The department runs a range of educational visits from Year 7 -13 to a wide range of destinations from Mablethorpe to the Peak District and Iceland.  Students are taught in a purpose built Geography Block which hosts interactive whiteboards and two suites of computers. The constantly evolving world is brought into the Geography classroom via lessons which are targeted to engage and challenge the students. The Geography curriculum embraces recent events and discusses issues from a spectrum of the human and physical world. Lessons are vibrant places where students discuss, debate, create role plays and make models to develop their understanding of the world. The Priory geographer is one who gains an interest in current issues and develops a wide range of skills.

Curriculum Offer

Lower School – Year 7/8/9

All students study Geography in the lower school.

Please find information on what we offer and do in the curriculum folder .


For GCSE we follow AQA Syllabus A.

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For A level we follow the AQA course .

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