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Further information for parents

The student who is gifted and talented will be good at a subject(s)/skill(s) with the potential for excellence. They will show originality and initiative, they possess superior powers of reasoning, of dealing with abstraction, of generalising from specific facts, of understanding meanings and seeing into relationships.  They will set themselves very high personal standards in their search for excellence.

The Young, Gifted and Talented Secondary Learning Zone:

DCSF Website

The link on the left takes students to a host of curriculum areas, giving them an opportunity to extend their learning through a range of resources, many of which are fully interactive. They can register as a member on this site, which will increase the number of areas and resources that they can access.

The National Association for Gifted Children.

NAGC Website

NAGC works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented.  A number of useful articles and discussion forums can be accessed without joining the association.  If you do wish to join, there is a fee of £35 per year for family membership, which includes a long list of extra benefits, all of which are listed on their website.

Information for parents/carers

CFBT Website

This links to the Gifted and Talented page on the Lincolnshire School Improvement Service website, which provides information about gifted and talented students and provides links to sites with even more information.

Advice for parents/carers of Gifted and Talented students:

Directgov Website

This link is intended for parents, who want to know a little bit more about what Gifted and Talented actually means. It provides further links to sites that offer advice and support to parents and students.

The Literacy Trust

Literacy Trust Wesbite

General advice on the provision for gifted and talented in the UK and background information on government policy in the recent past.

Bishop Grosseteste Summer School

Bishop Grosseteste Summer School Booklet

 Come join the staff and students at Bishop Grosseteste University College (BG) in Lincoln this summer and find out what university is all about for yourself! Spend 3 days and 3 nights on campus - living the student life in real halls of residence and working with real university students.

Other Useful Links: 

The Lincolnshire Music Service is managed by CfBT on behalf of the Lincolnshire County Council.  The Lincolnshire Music Service (LMS) aims to provide high quality music experiences and support for the young people, schools and wider communities within the County. 

Nrich (Mathematics) is great for puzzles and investigative maths. Primary and Secondary section.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln