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Parents and Friends of The Priory City of Lincoln Academy

AGM - 7.00PM THURSDAY 26TH MARCH 2015 at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

The Friends of the Academy actively raise funds to provide “extras” for the benefit of our students.

In the past , we have raised money for a wide range of items including musical instruments, cameras, board games, craft equipment and funding towards theatre trips.

Funding has been offered to departments this term to provide many more items, including an incubator for Science; netball dresses for the Academy team; posters and maps to display in Geography classrooms; and “Theatre in a box” to assist the study of theatre skills within the Performance department.

All the items are provided to help enrich our students’ school life.

The Parents & Friends of the Academy are always keen to welcome new members, to help with planning fundraising events and/or helping on the day at an event.

If you feel you can spare any time, either to join the Committee or as an occasional helper, or would like to pass on any fundraising ideas, please contact us.

Mrs Anne Green, Secretary of the Parents and Friends Committee, is contactable at the Academy.


Trophy Cabinet

The Friends Association are pleased to announce the purchase of a Trophy Cabinet for the Academy.  The money was raised by holding Bingo Nights, Raffles and providing refreshments for events.

The Friends Association are very proud of this addition and it is located in the corridor near our main Hall.

Ms J Woodward                                                                                                                                                                                     Hon Chairperson


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln