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French and/or German

Type of Course: AS and A2

94% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language – 75% do not speak English at all!

UK companies are now realising they need foreign languages to compete when trading internationally

As language skills are no longer compulsory at school, to be a linguist makes you a rare talent.

Students need to have achieved a Grade B or A at GCSE Higher level.

Why not study AS or A2 German or French and help to dispel the myth that the British are no good at languages?

If your predicted grade is B or above at GCSE, then you are already good at understanding and speaking German/French.

Why not develop these skills even further, so that you can use your German or French in a career in business, nursing, science, engineering, law or any other field you may work (or play) in?

The Sixth Form course in German or French is a one-year period of study leading to the GCE AS Level examination, followed by another year leading to A2 Level. Work builds upon the oral, written and comprehension skills developed at GCSE.

The focus of the course is upon developing skills for communicating accurately in German and French, whilst at the same time learning more about the grammar patterns underlying the language and more about German/French society. Work will involve writing and speaking, listening to native speakers on cassette and reading articles on subjects relevant to young people. The examination will test reading comprehension, writing in German/French, speaking and listening comprehension.

To prepare for these papers, students will study a number of topics. In the first year the topics of day-to-day matters, society and the working world are covered and in the second year, the environment and citizenship.

Students planning to continue to A2 Level are encouraged to visit Germany/France during Year 12 as this is extremely helpful to them. There may be an opportunity to do Work Experience in Germany or France. There will also be an opportunity to take advantage of one:one support with the German or French assistant during Years 12 and 13. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your speaking and listening.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln