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French Centre Information

Welcome to the French Centre Information Page.

It is the aspiration that all of our students in Year 7 travel to the Centre Des Etoiles with their Form and their Tutor in their first year at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy.  It is a truly wonderful experience: the Centre itself, the opportunity to bond with the Form group and to work with the Tutor, and the chance to visit a genuinely interesting part of France are some of the many reasons why we consider this week away such an important one in a child's time with us.

Background information sheets and a range of forms are included as downloadable documents in the list below.  You will also be invited to a French Centre Information Evening where you will be able to find out in more detail about the activities available and ask any questions.

Yr 7 French trip telephone number for update on the trip and travel   -   07787 557339

  1. Information for parents
  2. Passport form for children born in the UK
  3. Passport form for children born outside the UK
  4. Revised kit list
  5. The Priory City of Lincoln revised itinerary Yr7
  6. Yr7 French Trip Letter 1 2014

The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln