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Federation Policies

The Trust's policy documents are reviewed regularly. They are published on these pages (left) as soon as they have been approved at Trust level. They apply to the four Priory academies, the Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance (LTSA), the LTSA SCITT and the Centres des Etoiles. Additional information can be obtained by contacting our individual academies.

Please click on the blue category headings below or on the left.

Health and Safety >> policy gateway >>
Critical Incident Management (Business Continuity) Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Medical Treatment Policy
No Smoking Policy
Transport and Vehicles Policy

Human Resources >> policy gateway >>
Adoption Leave Policy
Adverse Weather and Travel Disruption Policy
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy
Annual and Special Leave and Absence Reporting Policy
Appraisal Policy
Capability Policy
DBS and Safeguarding Policy
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Grievance Policy
Maternity Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Paternity Policy
Positive Handling Policy
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Redundancy Policy
Retirement Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Disciplinary Policy (under consultation)
Staff Malpractice (BTEC) Policy
Staff Sickness and Absence Policy
Support Staff Capability Policy
Teachers' Pay Policy
Time Off for Dependants Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

ICT >> policy gateway >>
Acceptable Use Policy (ICT)
CCTV Policy
Data Protection Policy

Student Welfare >> policy gateway >>
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy (under review)
Educational Visits Policy
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Medical Treatment Policy
Misuse of Drugs Policy
Parental Communications and Complaints Policy
Reading, Writing, Communications and Mathematics Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection (Promoting Pupils’ Welfare) Policy
SEN Policy
Sex and Relationship Education Policy
Student Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Teaching and Learning >> policy gateway >>
Access to Fair Assessment Policy
Admissions Policy
Appeals Policy (Exam and Qualification Grades)
Assessment, Recording and Reporting (ARR) Policy
BTEC Procedures Policy
Careers Guidance Policy
Gifted and Talented Policy
Homework Policy
Policy for the Conduct and Administration of Examinations
Staff Malpractice (BTEC) Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy

The Priory Nursery >> policy gateway >>
Accident Policy
Arrivals and Departures Policy
Behaviour Policy
Closure Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Complaints Policy
Fire and Emergency Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Illness and Exclusion Policy Part 1
Illness and Exclusion Policy Part 2
Intimate Care Policy
Manual Handling Policy
Medications Policy
Missing Child Policy and Procedure
Nappy Changing Policy
Outdoor Play Policy
Outings Policy
Partnership with Parents Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Settling in Policy
Sleep and Rest Policy
Visitor Policy

Witham Familty Centre >> policy gateway >>
Operation Management and Supervision Arrangement Policy
Breast Feeding Policy
Home Visits Policy

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln