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Federation Games

 Six Priory LSST swimmers claimed the Year 8 title by a single point in a Federation Gala held at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

Three girls and three boys shared the events, each competing in one individual race and two relays.  

The boys had to swim hard to finish in the top three in their individuals before controversy struck in their medley relay. It was decided that the event should be swam again as The Priory Academy LSST was the only team to swim it correctly (finishing third).

To give the boys a breather, the girls swam their medley next.  Grace Williams started with a smooth breaststroke length, giving us a slight lead on the touch.  An extremely nervous Kayley D’auguair Roberts then launched into an amazing backstroke length, leaving everyone else well behind and giving a comfortable lead to Emily Narey to finish in first. 

The boys stepped up to swim their medley for the second time.  Sticking with our order, the boys kicked hard and even though Prashan Karanutne started the final leg in last position, he stormed through to clinch a second place finish.

The girls came first in all of their races except the freestyle relay, where Grace could have done with five more metres to steal it, with the team finishing second behind Witham.

1st: Priory LSST
2nd: Priory Witham
3rd: Priory Ruskin
4th: Priory City of Lincoln

The students were rewarded with a well deserved recreational swim with floats etc afterwards.

The team was: Ben Taylor, Prashan Karanutne, William Audis, Kayley D’auguair Roberts, Grace Williams and Emily Narey.

Well done to the team - they were fabulous to be with and encouraged each other every race which was great to see.

Mrs French

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln