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We are a large and successful department of English Language and English Literature specialists. We offer the broadest possible range of experience of all the forms of writing and a wide range of in-class and enrichment reading activities.  We host creative writing groups, invite specialist speakers, organise trips and have a thriving library as part of our programme.  We encourage older students to engage with the younger ones with reading activities and ask KS5 students to help younger students with aspects of their lower school English work where appropriate. We believe that skills for life are as important as examination  skills  and we offer varied programme that reflects this belief.

Curriculum Offer

Lower School – Year 7/8/9

All students study English throughout the lower school. In addition we have a library and many opportunities for students to be able to express themselves in English.

Readathon letter 2014

Please find information on what we offer and do in the curriculum folder .


All students take IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature at the end of year 11:

To visit the English Language examination board website -Cambridge International Examinations click HERE

To visit the English Literature examination board website -AQA click HERE


At advanced level students are able to opt to study English Language, English Literature, Communication and Creative Writing. All four A ‘Level qualifications are with AQA.


To visit the English Literature examination board website -AQA click HERE


To visit the English Language examination board website -AQA click HERE

Communication and Culture:

To visit the Communication examination board website -AQA click HERE

Creative Writing:

To visit the Creative Writing examination board website -AQA click HERE











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