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Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Scheme was founded in 1956 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. His aim was to give the young people of the time a challenge to go out and experience different physical activities, meeting people and making new friends, become more self-sufficient, to help others and develop new skills. These are still very much relevant today.

The DofE Award, as it is more popularly known today, is open to all Priory Academy LSST students from the age of 14. There are three Award levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within each level there are four sections, although at Gold level the scheme includes a fifth “residential" element.  The sections are; Physical, Skills, Volunteering, and an Expedition. Self-development plays a key part of the award. As students progress through the levels, the time element within sections becomes longer culminating in the Gold Award which is 12 months (18 months for direct entry) with an 80km expedition in Wild Country over four days. There is a registration fee which is paid via the academy to Lincolnshire County Council who are our Operating Authority. Although the award is available to anyone between the ages of 14 and 25, it is the aim of the academy that DofE Awards are completed within the time frame of Years 9 to 13. There are ten “Guiding Principles” which are at the heart of the Scheme and drive the programmes.

Guiding Principles
  • The DofE Award is non competitive.
  • The DofE Award should be achievable by all.
  • It is voluntary.
  • The DofE Award should inspire personal and social development.
  • The DofE Award is personalised to fit the needs of the individual participant.
  • The participant should complete a balanced and wide-ranging programme.
  • The DofE Award is progressive through its levels in terms of time, commitment and responsibility from the student.
  • Before starting an activity the participants are encouraged to set their own challenging goals; the aim being that if they achieve these and show improvement they will achieve the DofE Award.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme demands a high commitment and level of perseverance.
  • The participant should find the activities both enjoyable and rewarding.

More information can be found by looking at;

The Academy does limit the places available each year at the three levels.  In order to secure a place on the DofE Award pupils must complete an application process to bid for a place. 
2015 DofE Application Process:
The window for applications is currently closed.  The window to apply for a place in the 2015 Cohorts will open in March 2015. 

All suitable year groups will be invited to an information evening for pupils and parents in March 2015.  This is followed by an application process for the limited places in each award level.  In April 2015 successfull candidates and parents will be invited to a launch event which outlines the process of the award in order that participants can get started on a section.   Pupils who are not at the minimum age for the level (Bronze: 14, Silver: 15 and Gold: 16 years old) untill the summer may apply for a place, but will have a delayed start if successfull.  Pupils that do not have the previouse level may be considered for Direct Entry to Silver or Gold (this involves a longer participation period).  Information on each of the sections can be found in the section pages of this website.  Please look at the pages on each section to see more explanation and information.  

External Candidates.   If you are joing our school in the next year and wish to be considered for a DofE Place then please contact Mr Mann ( as soon as you can so that you can be included in the application process.   This includes existing DofE participants moving to this school.


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