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D. Trust/Academy Contract

 The Trust Contract: describes The Priory Ethos

The Contract is a list of the core values for Students, Staff, Parents/Carers and Governors.  The Contract can be found in the student planners and forms an important part of the whole school agreement signed by every student and parent.

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy is a community of learners.  Every member of this community has a responsibility to each other, which we have outlined in the Contract. 


As a student I pledge to…..

  1. Have the highest possible expectations for what can I achieve at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy and beyond
  2. Behave well in class, in the academy, to and from the academy and whilst on academy activities
  3. Wear my uniform smartly and in accordance with the uniform code
  4. Achieve a high attendance record  – anything below 96% could be a cause for concern
  5. Focus on learning – make every lesson count
  6. Complete my homework thoroughly and on time – work independently
  7. Set myself challenging targets and devise appropriate plans to achieve them
  8. Commit to extra curricular activities
  9. Participate positively in Form time and House activities
  10. Take responsibility for the environment and the wider community
  11. Inform a member of staff if I am concerned about anything or anyone


As a teacher I pledge to…..

  1. Ensure that students achieve their full potential
  2. Be proactive in ensuring excellent student behaviour
  3. Ensure that students wear their uniform appropriately at all times
  4. Encourage high levels of attendance
  5. Ensure that lessons are highly effective and result in learning – make every lesson count
  6. Set and mark homework in accordance with Academy policy
  7. Assess progress, and ensure that students are both aware of and achieving their targets
  8. Support and contribute to the academy’s extra curricular and residential programme
  9. Work with the Tutor and House teams to support and run events
  10. Develop community links for the promotion of positive educational activities
  11. Be aware of student concerns and communicate them effectively and appropriately


As a parent I pledge to…..

  1. Encourage my child to make the best possible use of the opportunities provided at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy
  2. Support the academy in ensuring that my child appreciates the academy’s views on the importance of good behaviour
  3. Support the academy in enforcing the uniform code
  4. Encourage my child to achieve high attendance and communicate with the academy on attendance issues
  5. Support and help foster a positive attitude to learning
  6. Encourage the completion of homework
  7. Work with my child to set targets for progress
  8. Encourage my child to take part in at least one extra curricular activity
  9. Encourage my child to take part in Form and House activities
  10. Encourage my child to contribute to the community through voluntary or charity work
  11. Communicate any concerns I have to the appropriate member of staff

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln