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Classroom Code

The key to success is to make every lesson count. As students, it is your responsibility to…

  • arrive at registration and lessons on time
  • check your uniform is worn correctly
  • be prepared for lessons with all the relevant equipment, including daybooks
  • enter the room under the direction of a member of staff
  • wait quietly behind your chairs for instructions
  • listen carefully for the register
  • have all necessary equipment on desks at the start of lessons
  • always work to the best of your ability, and complete all work set 
  • be a positive member of any group
  • raise your hand when you want to contribute to class discussions
  • enable others to learn
  • listen carefully to the teacher and others in the group
  • reflect on feedback, respond appropriately and aspire to meet and exceed targets
  • view setbacks positively as an opportunity to improve
  • leave the room in an orderly manner when dismissed by a member of staff


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln