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We aim to contribute to the overall success of the Trust by:
  1. Pursuing a collective view of success - we are only successful if we are all successful

  2. Providing appropriate educational and transitional opportunities for all students

  3. Developing areas of expertise across the Trust

  4. Taking a Trust wide approach to the recruitment, retention and development of staff

  5. Championing our commitment to the Teaching School

  6. Ensuring that facilities are used by the Trust and its community

  7. Coordinating calendars to enhance opportunities for staff and students

  8. Using Federation based Service Level Agreements

  9. Adopting common Quality Assurance systems

  10. Making a unique contribution to education in the UK


We aim to ensure the continued success of The Priory LSST Academy by:

  1. Raising the standards of attainment and increasing levels of progress for all students

  2. Providing differentiated development programmes to ensure that all staff have the opportunity to achieve the best for our pupils

  3. Developing a curriculum that is intellectually challenging, provides successful progression and fits with the latest government demands

  4. Developing the learning environment and valuing what is already in place

  5. Providing, coordinating and publicising a wide range of extra-curricular activities

  6. Effective implementation of the QA programme

  7. Developing an effective reporting system

  8. Ensuring a commitment to the Priory Ethos

  9. Improving communication both within school and from the school to the wider community

  10. Identifying and celebrating achievement in all aspects of school life


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln