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Centre Des Etoiles

students at centreWe are delighted to announce that the refurbishment and development of our Centre des Etoiles has now been completed. After an initial purchase of approximately £400k and a three-year £1.4m development programme, we now have a wonderful facility that will be available to generations of students and staff across the Federation.

Year 7 students from The Priory Academy LSST are the first to go to the centre this year; they travel in form groups. As one form teacher observed last year, the children arrive at the centre as individuals but return as a community.

As with the past two years of operation, the centre is now fully booked for this year; but if you have any ideas for a visit, for a group or groups of students next year, please make it known.

So far the Centre has been used by all Academies within the Federation.  It is the aspiration that every Year 7 student attends the Centre with their Form Tutor as a rite of passage.  The Priory Ruskin Acdemy has used the Centre as part of its SIxth Form Induction Programme.  Both The Priory Witham Academy and The Priory City of Lincoln Academy have used the centre as part of their intervention programme.  The Priory Academy LSST has used the Centre to for its A Level fireFrench students.

In addition to this,  the Centre has also been used for a range of Federation Conferences including: the Oxbridge Conference, the Lincolnshire Leadership Conference and the University Guide for First Generation Students Conference.  The Priory Lions squad has used the centre as a training camp.  The Federation's CCF has used it as part of their development programme.  The Academies' History departments worked on a rewrite of the History National Curriculum at the centre and staff have used the centre as a base for their ECDL training.



    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln