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Career Academy

 Career Academies UK is a national programme that connects Sixth Form students, schools and academies with the world of work in a meaningful way that can transform the career opportunities and life chances of young people.

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy is the only Career Academy in Lincolnshire and enjoys the support of the MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney along with a significant number of local, national and international employers.

These include Lincolnshire Co-operative, Lindum Group, Barclays Bank, Software Europe, HSBC, Cargill plc, Lagat, Waitrose, Bishop Grosseteste University, Ample Finacial  Services, Sills and Betteridge and the Institute of Directors.

The focus for our Career Academy is employability and each year a number of our Year 12 students embark on the full two-year programme which is free to pupils and includes:

- A partner in business that gives one to one advice
- A six week paid internship
- Guru lectures
- Work-based visits
- National conferences and graduation

The work our students do with their business partners becomes an integral  part of their programmes of study and is designed to build confidence, resilience and work-based skills, giving real meaning to the work within the Sixth Form. 

Local businesses and professionals also engage with groups of KS4 and KS5 students through the programme of guru lectures and work-based visits.

The academy is at present working at a national level on a pilot scheme to extend the benefits of the Career Academy programme to an increasingly diverse group of students.

As our 2nd Year Career Academy students approach the end of their two year programme we are delighted to announce that all ten students have met the necessary criteria to Graduate from the Career Academy in May 2015.  As part of the Graduation there are two National Awards up for grabs - The Sir Winfried Bischoff Award and Astra Zeneca for STEM Student of the Year.  Seven Regional winners of The Sir Winfried Bischoff Award will receive £250 each and two national winners will receive an all-expenses trip to New York plus £500 towards university costs.  The winner of the STEM Award will win a visit to the Large Hadron Collider in September 2015 and they will also win an IPad.  The Priory City of Lincoln Career Academy has nominated Sarah Collins for The Sir Winfried Bischoff Award to recognise the impact the Career Academy experience has had on Sarah’s confidence and career aspirations and Greg Gavin for the STEM Award as the student who has made the most progress towards a career in a STEM related industry.  The academy is very excited for both Sarah and Greg and anxiously await the results which will be announced in May 2015.

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    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln