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C. Trust/Academy Charter

The Trust Charter: describes our relationship with The Trust

We are very much part of The Priory Federation of Academies Trust and this impacts positively on much that we do. In order to highlight this relationship we have established a Charter that sets out both our responsibilities to ensuring the success of the Trust and our responsibilities to ensuring the success of our Academy. There are eleven elements to each – some are practical and some are more philosophical. 

Each academy has a charter, which demonstrates how it will support theTrust in achieving its Mission.  Each Charter is in two parts.  The first part of the Charter, whch is common to all Academies, is an explanation of how each Academy can contribute to the development of the Trust. The second part, which is unique to each Academy, identifies how the Academy can ensure continued progress.

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy welcomes the opportunity to be an equal and valued partner within the Priory Federation of Academies Trust, and sees its success measured in the achievement of its own targets and in the achievements of the Trust as a whole.

 We aim to contribute to the overall success of the Trust by:

  • Building on the traditions and ethos of The Priory Federation of Academies Trust.
  • Developing our specialisms across the Trust and working with others to develop theirs.
  • Taking a Trust wide approach to the recruitment and selection of staff.
  • Contributing to Trust-wide CPD opportunities for all staff.
  • Deploying our Lead Practitioners, Specialist KLeaders in Education (SLEs) and other key staff within      the Trust team, to promote Teaching and Learning across the Trust.
  • Ensuring that our facilities are used to their fullest extent by The Trust and its community.
  • Coordinating our calendar to ensure that it enhances the opportunities for staff and students to work on Trust wide projects.  Adapting our timetable and options sysem to promote wider choice and participating for staff and students within the Trust.
  • Integrating the Centre des Etoiles into the Academy’s Curriculum and Enhancement programmes.
  • Providing the Trustees with accurate and useful information about the progress of the Academy.


Across our academy, we aim to 'ASPIRE'.  We want our students to become: Ambitious; Successful; Polite; Independent; Resilient; and Empowered, because we believe these are the key qualities needed by young people in today's society.


To foster an aspirational culture where all aim to achieve their personal and academic targets.

To maximise the attainment and progress made by all.

To respect the rights and beliefs of each member of the community.

To provide opportunities to develop everyone’s personality, talents and abilities through academic, cultural and artistic activities.

To encourage strength and determination in the face of challenge and adversity.

To ensure all members of the community are confident to express their thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln