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Business Studies

Type of Course: BTEC Subsidiary Diploma

Course Descritpion

We are all affected by businesses and our economy and way of life are dependent upon a healthy business environment. This is a vocational course which balances business theory with the practical application of business principles. There are no formal examinations in this course.


Units will be assessed through assignments. Most of the assignments will be written by the Business Department and will use a variety of assessment methods including case studies; work-based assignments; projects and time-constrained assessments.

· To achieve a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to one A Level) 6 units have to be completed to Pass, Merit or Distinction standard.

· To achieve a BTEC Diploma (equivalent to 2 A Levels) 12 units will have to be completed to Pass, Merit or Distinction level.

Entry Requirements

Students must have 5 GCSEs at A* to C. It is preferred that students have at least grade Cs in Maths and English. Students may have the opportunity to run a Young Enterprise group.


An essential part of this course is contact with business organisations. Visits/speakers and other forms of contact are built into the subsidiary diploma and student initiative is welcomed.


This course might provide a direct route into employment given its vocational nature. Progression may be to professional body examinations. Alternatively, students may wish to progress to Higher Level courses such as degrees or HNDs in specialist courses such as: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accountancy, Banking or Economics.

Career opportunities are varied and include business and commerce; local and national government, the law and accountancy; the media and education.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln