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Break-time Code

As students, your conduct during break and lunch times should be appropriate at all times. It is your responsibility to…

  • use only the classroom in which you will have your next lesson (if you wish to stay inside)
  • sit on the chairs and not the desks
  • avoid leaving any litter or mess in classrooms or around the school
  • eat only in the specified areas of the school, ie the Old Hall (for all year groups); the lower-school restaurant (Years 7 to 9); the upper-school restaurant (Years 10 to 11); or the designated year group garden – see below
  • ensure you do not eat in the corridors
  • ensure you do not eat in any classroom - except when given permission by a member of staff on a wet weather day and use only the classroom in which you have your next lesson
  • leave adequate time at break and lunch to arrive at lessons on time

Garden and sports areas for students at break and lunchtimes

The following information explains the garden areas that have been designated to each year group.  Please use the year group gardens as indicated below. If you wish to play any sporting activity, please use the designated tennis court.

Year 7

Thorold Quad

This is on the back playground between the middle tennis courts and the staff car park. The Y7 tennis court is next to the staff car park.

Year 8

Scott Quad

This is on the left side of the Old Hall. Y8 tennis courts are the right side courts on the back playground.

Year 9

Kings Quad

This is next to the dining area, running along to the main entrance. Y9 also have the tennis court nearest to the bus bays at the front of school.

Year 10

St Gilbert’s Quad (Icarus)

This is next to Kings Quad. The Y10 tennis courts are those in the middle of the three sets of courts at the front of the school.

Year 11

The Pavilion Garden

This garden is between the Pavilion and swimming pool.  The Y11 tennis court is between the Y10 tennis court and the swimming pool.


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