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Art and Design

Type of Course: AS and A2

 - Art, Craft and Design

 - Fine Art

Course Description

Practical work is carried out over the whole 2 year course and involves a variety of approaches

· Drawing and Painting: pencil, pen & ink, pastel, charcoal, watercolours, acrylics and mixed-media.

· Sculpture: construction, plaster, mod-roc, wood, card, wire and “found” materials.

· Design and Communication: Graphics, photography, multi-media.

· Study of Art: artists, movements, comparison, critical analysis, contemporary and ancient.

Students will be encouraged to follow their own ideas and progress their skills by developing new techniques and processes in order to create final pieces.


Year 1

Unit 1      Themed Project (80 marks)                     

Unit 2       Controlled Test (5 hours) (80 marks) set by AQA Exam Board— title page given

Year 2 

Unit 3 Personal Investigation—student led (80 marks)

Unit 4 Controlled Test (15 hours) (80 marks)

All units are 25% of total a Level culmination.

All coursework and final outcome will be moderated by an exam board   Moderator who visits the academy. All students will be responsible for mounting and presenting their own work for this.


An Advanced Level award in Art & Design can provide a student with many of the following opportunities: Foundation courses; graphic design; textiles/fashion; architecture, advertising and marketing; computer graphics, film/TV/audio visual; interior design; theatre/wardrobe/stage design.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln