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The Art Department has created a positive environment for learning and encourages individuality and originality, raising the self-esteem of pupils by valuing their ideas and opinions and celebrating individual and collective successes.  Building good relationships is an essential part of our teaching.  Displays, both in the department and around the school, reflect the high standards achieved.

There is a range of expertise in the department and pupils have opportunities in fine art, sculpture, photography, glasswork and textiles.  Our technician provides invaluable support to teachers and pupils in the department.

Facilities in the department are excellent. Pupils have the use of three multi-media studios, two darkrooms, a sixth form studio, a gallery, two static kilns, one raku kiln, specialist textile equipment ICT facilities. 

The whole school ‘open door’ policy enables pupils to use the studios outside timetabled lessons and the sixth form studio is often a ‘hive of activity’.  Throughout the year there are opportunity for students to be involved in the Arts outside the lessons, with regular trips to galleries and exhibition, workshops with visiting artists and extra-curricular clubs.  The ethos of the department is one of active learning, supportive interaction, experimentation and creativity.  We achieved Artsmark Gold in 2003, 2006 and again in 2013.

Curriculum Offer

Lower School – Year 7/8/9

Art and Design in the Lower School Years at The Priory Academy LSST provides pupils with an integrated and structured introduction to learning and discovery in Art and Design. The thematic approach enables pupils to experience a variety of skills and techniques whilst relating practical work to the relevant art movement or artist in western and non-western cultures, building a basis for creative development through skills, knowledge, ideas and understanding. Throughout the three years, projects are designed to develop skills and understanding in the visual elements, which are subsequently built upon in future work. Students work with a broad range of media and techniques from drawing to three dimensional design and printing. Sketchbooks are used to record observational drawings, sketches and designs, collected resources, experiments and explorations, notes on artists and project planning and evaluation showing progress through the years.

Please find information on what we offer and do in the curriculum folder .


For GCSE Art and Design we use OCR

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For Adavanced level Art and Design we use AQA. Students can opt to study a range of courses.

AQA A level Art,Craft and Design

AQA A Level Photograpgy

AQA A level Textile Design

AQA A level Three Dimensional Design 

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