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Army Cadets

The Army Section of the CCF is cap badges to the Royal Anglian Regiment and follows the infantry Army Proficiency Syllabus.  This is completed on average over two academic years.  In Year 9 cadets complete the following activities to pass their APC Basic:

  • Drill and Turnout
  • Military knowledge
  • Skill at Arms (SAA) (L98A2 Cadet Rifle and Scorpion Air Rifle)
  • Shooting (Air Rifle, .22 Indoor Range and Full Bore outdoors)
  • Fieldcraft including a 48hr Field Exercise.
  • Navigation
  • First Aid - Heartstart and CASAID
  • Expedition Training - includes a 48 hr walking and camping expedition in the Lincs Wolds

At the end of year one cadets are expected to attend a seven day CCF camp on an Army Training base.   In year 10 to 11 cadets progress onto the Advanced APC.   This takes Fieldcraft, Drill, SAA and Navigation to a higher level.  Additionally cadets gain their St John's Ambulance Youth First Aid Award.  Cadets then learn how to teach by doing their Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques (CFIT) course.   This allows cadets to be promoted and take on greater responsibility in the section and contingent.  Senior cadets deploy on all camps to progress their skills and assist in the training of the Basic Cadets.

Cadets can apply to do a number of external military and Adventure Training Courses to improve their skills and quailifications.  These can also count as the Gold DofE Residential.

Attached below are documents relating to the CCF and the next Annual Camp

Any questions can be directed to the CCF office on 01522 871395 or email Capt Mann on


  1. 2014-PrioryCCF-AnnCamp-PL
  3. CCF Annual Camp Initial Confirmation Slip
  4. Parents Booklet Annual Camp 2014

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