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Education Secretary visits Priory City of Lincoln Academy

 Education Secretary Nicky Morgan visited The Priory City of Lincoln Academy to take part in a Teacher Direct event with more than 60 education professionals.

The Loughborough MP, who succeeded Michael Gove in government office last July, answered questions from Lincolnshire teachers and governors in an hour-long session.

The visit was made possible by Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, who has strong links with the Academy through the Career Academy UK Sixth Form programme.

Mrs Morgan met Academy Headteacher Mrs Hopkinson and Deputy Head Mr Penney, together with The Priory Trust's Chairman Mr Gee and Chief Executive Mr Jones, before being introduced to the audience in the Great Hall.

 In an event compered by Lincs FM radio presenter Sean Dunderdale, Mrs Morgan answered questions on Ofsted inspections, Sixth Form funding, teacher training, science careers, AS Levels and school collaboration.

Mrs Morgan said: "Thank you to everyone for coming along, I know you have long days. Thanks also to The Priory City of Lincoln Academy for offering us their wonderful facilities."

Headteacher Mrs Hopkinson said: "The Academy is honoured to have been asked to host the event. It was extremely interesting to see how Mrs Morgan interacted with the audience, and very enlightening to hear what she had to say."

Click here to see a gallery of photographs from the Teacher Direct event.

Clockwise from top: Mrs Hopkinson and Karl McCartney MP with Education Secretary Nicky Morgan; Mrs Morgan answers a question during the Teacher Direct event; guests assemble in the Academy's Great Hall; Mrs Morgan is welcomed to the Academy by Mrs Hopkinson, Mr McCartney, Mr Penney and Mr Gee.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln