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Unite The Scene

At the start of the day everyone was introduced to some of the workers for Unite the Scene and they told us about how the day would go. Everyone got split in half according to their place in the running order for the show; this was so that when one group was doing a technical rehearsal the other would be taking part in workshops that were run by artists of two different styles.

One of the workshops was run by a lady in studio 1 who has choreographed for festivals/carnivals etc.  Her workshop was very fun and upbeat and felt different from anything like street or hip hop. She gave us some choreography to Lose Control by Missy Elliot ft Ciara & Fatman Scoop and split us into two groups so we could perform to each other and watch how people put their own style to it. As everyone was grooving it got very warm and sweaty...

The other workshop was run by a man who would be teaching us how to pop our wrists, arms and legs then we put everything we've learnt into a piece of dance. It was good to have a nice break from the heat in studio 1 and just relax in an air conditioned studio 2. I think that the popping has taught us some cool skills that we could benefit from in the future.

After everyone had their technical rehearsal and the two workshops all the groups were to get ready for a dress rehearsal. The rehearsal gave everyone a chance to watch the other troupe's performances; they were all very entertaining and great to watch.

We unfortunately ran over time in the dress rehearsal so we had less time to get ready and have some dinner before the show started however the show went fantastic and it was exhilarating to perform on the LPAC stage in front of friends and family. We are all grateful to Unite The Scene for giving us this opportunity to widen our skills and perform a wonderful piece of dance.


Written by Sophie Hall Yr 11

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln