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Year 7 Writing Assessment

Year 7 students recently completed a writing assessment where they were asked to write a letter to the Headteacher explaining how they have found the transition from primary school.  Two examples are below:

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy
Skellingthorpe Road


Thursday 16th October 2014

Dear Mrs. Hopkinson,

I am writing to you to thank you for giving me the chance to continue my education at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy. This past month I have had a great time. The only down side is I have to get up an hour earlier than I used to when I went to primary school.  However, I don’t mind it that much and it is certainly worth it.

I knew two people when I arrived on my first day but I soon made a lot of friends. The Academy sports areas are much better than at my old school St. Lawrence CE. The 3G is my favourite area as I really enjoy football.

My top five subjects are Physical Education, History, English, Science and Design and Technology.  I personally find secondary school lessons much better than primary school lessons as you learn more and the lessons are more fun.

It is also better going to different classrooms and having different teachers as at my old school we had the same teacher and classroom all year and I started to find it boring.

Overall I am enjoying school much better now.

Yours sincerely

Tyler Hammond

Friday 17th  October 2014

Mrs Hopkinson
The Priory City of Lincoln Academy
Skellingthorpe Road

Dear Mrs Hopkinson,

I am a year seven student at the Academy writing to you today to tell you my thoughts.  Even though it is a lot different from my primary school, Birchwood Junior School, I feel I have settled in and made new friends from various years. I am very proud to have been placed in the top set and feel the learning is challenging but easy enough for me to understand. The teachers are kind but strict when they need to be and push me to achieve high.  Although we have only been here for a few weeks I feel like I have been here for years.  I know my way around the site and have not been lost, so far.

However, everything has a negative side and because I live so far away I do not seem get enough sleep due to having to wake up at 6:30 am to be ready for my hour long walk to the Academy. This leaves me feeling exhausted through the day, not to mention my hard work which tires me out more then having to walk home. The solution to this is taking a bus, which I am trying out this week and it seems to be a positive idea.

The older students aren’t as bad as I expected them to be. The teachers I have are very kind and if I need help or get something wrong they explain it to me thoroughly so I understand. I am settling in very well and advancing in my learning already. My parents and siblings are impressed with the progress I have made in so little time and are glad that I came here so I can reach my full potential, leading to success in later life.

When I am in the Academy grounds I feel safe and protected from anyone outside. Although at primary school we had playground equipment, it doesn’t bother me that the Academy doesn’t because we are more sophisticated and mature so we don’t need them.

My favourite subjects are: History, Design and Technology, Physical Education, English and Maths. This is because we hardly ever did History or Design and Technology in primary school and our Physical Education was less fun.  I enjoyed English and Maths anyway which is good as I continue to enjoy those subjects.  All of the subjects are fun and enjoyable, mainly because it is something new to us and offers us a better opportunity to learn new facts in those subjects.

This year I have learnt a wider range of things.  For example, in Geography I have been learning about the seven continents (Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe, North America, Antarctica and South America) and some of the major oceans (Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean).  In Maths I have enjoyed learning how to simplify algebraic equations.

In really enjoy every day at the Academy and I know I made the right choice in choosing it.  I thank you for accepting me into the Academy and I will work to my highest ability and achieve success throughout my years here.


Yours sincerely,

Anya Cartwright.





    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln