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Trip to Nottingham Ballet

On Thursday 2nd October 2014 a group of dance students visited the Nottingham Theatre Royal to watch the Northern Ballet Company’s production of The Great Gatsby.

The day included a question and answer session with a member of the Northern Ballet Education Team about how the production was created and life as a dancer in the company which was very informative as many of our dance group would like to become professional dancers in the future.

We were then able to watch the company members take class in the auditorium. This was a fantastic experience as I was able to see how a professional company work together and develop their own dance skills. The class was very intense as every member of the company was focussed on their training.

In the afternoon we took our seats in the upper circle to watch the production. The show was fantastic as the set and costumes  really helped to set the scene and the choreography was traditional in style but still had a slight contemporary twist with hints of the 1920’s dance crazes such as the Charleston.

Overall the day was very beneficial for us all as we got to ask the questions we had been keen to find answers to and see how a professional company works. Not only did the day educate us, it inspired us to become better and more professional in our approach to our training.

By Ellie-Mae Hunter
Dance Student

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln