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Students marvel at mosque during GCSE course visit

 A group of 18 Year 11 students went on a trip to the Madina Masjid mosque in Sheffield. As part of their GCSE course, students study Islam as one of their key religions and one module looks at religious buildings and their symbolism.

On arrival, we were met by one of the worshippers at the Mosque, who gave us a tour of the building. The tour began with us removing our shoes, and we were led into the wudu area (a washroom) and were subsequently given a demonstration of the washing rituals Muslims undertake before praying.

We were then shown a library containing many Arabic books and also the area set aside for preparing Muslims for funerals after death.

Following this, we were then led into a small prayer room before being taken into the main prayer hall, where all were amazed at the giant glass chandelier hanging in the dome. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions, and learnt a lot from their visit.

Miss J Howell
RE Teacher


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln