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Priory hosts win cross-Channel charity rowathon

 The Nomad Trust’s indoor rowing challenge, Row The Channel 2014, saw more than 90 people in nine teams compete to row 35km - the equivalent of a Channel crossing.

The winning team, from host venue Priory City of Lincoln Academy, finished in 1 hour 53 minutes 15 seconds, followed closely by Sills Boys from local solicitors Sills & Betteridge just 32 seconds later. Coming in third, again just inside two hours, was J Wilkins Ltd.

Nomad Trust expects to raise more than £2,500 from the event for its Enterprise Fund, to help service users to gain skills for employment, and support for more enterprising, independent lifestyles.  Sills Girls, also from Sills & Betteridge, won the trophy for the most money raised, bringing in more than £800.

 The Priory City of Lincoln Academy staged the event in its new state-of-the-art sports facilities: Several local businesses, schools and supporters of Nomad Trust rowed for more than two hours; with sponsors Lincoln Minster Round Table, J Wilkins Ltd, Phil Crow and Market Rasen Racecourse generously covering the event costs.

 Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force assisted Nomad Trust staff and volunteers with the running of the event.  The organisers are very grateful to everyone who supported the rowing challenge.

The Nomad Trust provides welfare services in Lincoln for those who are homeless or otherwise in need.

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    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln