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Students take part in care training at residential home

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy currently has 25 Sixth Form students undergoing dementia awareness training at Hartsholme House, a local residential home which is part of The Orders of St John Care Trust.

Once training is complete, students will create a link between our Academy and five homes within the local area, providing opportunities for us to gain work experience through voluntary placements.

In the past, students from our Academy have been involved in projects in the garden, helping to create a beautiful allotment, while our artistic students painted a stunning mural to brighten the walls of the corridors in Hartsholme House.

Within the short time I have been volunteering for The Orders of St John Care Trust, I have had the opportunity to take part in various activities both at Hartsholme House and within the community.

One of these included visiting Oldrids garden centre for a morning of Christmas shopping, then stopping for a well deserved cup of tea in the café. That afternoon I joined other volunteers and residents in the weekly bingo session, which became surprisingly competitive throughout the game!

The dementia awareness training we undertook gave us a better understanding of how individuals who live with the condition may perceive day-to-day tasks or objects very differently. The training offered those involved the opportunity to become a ‘Dementia Friend’, where we each made a pledge to try to reduce stigma by raising awareness of the condition.

Christmas party

 The Orders of St John Care Trust hosted its annual Christmas party at Wellingore Memorial Hall, where more than 150 residents from associated homes in Lincolnshire attended.

Along with other Sixth Form students, I also attended the party, bringing along home-made cakes which were decorated by students (safe to say we aren’t going to make a profession out of it!).

The party started with a short service of hymns and carols. As the party progressed, everyone joined in with the karaoke and dancing, which lasted throughout the afternoon. Each house brought a picnic and dined on party food. Staff, volunteers, residents, friends and family all joined in with the festivities by wearing Santa suits and elf costumes.

Murder mystery at the academy

Deputy Head Girl Rosemary Turner is organising a ‘Murder Mystery’. Staff and Sixth-Formers will come together to figure out the clues that are given over the course of a week to find who murdered the student!

All the money raised from this will go to the ‘Hartsholme House Wish Tree Fund’, which was set up in September 2008 after a 1940s Tea Party raised a large sum of money.

The aim of the fund is to fulfil the wishes of the residents. Many wishes have already become reality for many people, including trips to theatres, walks along Whitby Pier, and even a helicopter ride! By raising money, many more wishes can come true.

Juliette Turner
Year 13

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln