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Career Academy recruits first students

 The Priory City of Lincoln Academy - the first Career Academy in Lincolnshire - has recruited the first 10 students on to its two-year careers programme.

The announcement follows the successful completion of a Career Academy Year of Planning, which saw students and staff working in partnership with Career Academies UK, Lincoln MP Karl McCartney and a number of local, national and international businesses.

The interview and selection process was led by Sara Hobson (Lindum Group), Mark Bowen (Bishop Grosseteste University) and Mr McCartney. 

This exciting opportunity will provide a structured programme of paid internships, mentoring by a partner in business and participation in national events for the 10 successful Year 12 candidates.

The programme is designed to bridge the gap between the world of education and the real world of work and focuses specifically on giving students opportunities that would not normally have been available to them.

The successful students are: Luke Prescott, Rosie Marshall, Loren Marshall, Aaron Fox, Charlotte Booker, Greg Gavin, James Vickers, Ciara Everatt-Witts, Sarah Collins and Shannon Hudson.

The organisations involved are: Lincolnshire Co-operative, Lindum Group, Barclays Bank, Software Europe, HSBC, Cargill plc, Lagat, Waitrose, Bishop Grosseteste University, Ample Finacial  Services, Sills and Betteridge and the Institute of Directors.

The wider benefits for the whole academy will include motivational lectures and workshops to give Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 an expert insight into the world of work and enterprise.

Mr McCartney said: "I hope that we at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy can build on this achievement over the months and years ahead to positively assist pupils at the school - to broaden their horizons and show them that there should be no limit to their aspirations.

"I am very excited about participating with local business representatives in this new and innovative programme designed to help young people raise their aspirations and prepare them for a career in business."

For further details of the work of the Career Academy or of how to become involved, please contact Mrs T Taylor (Careers Academy Coordinator) at or  Mr S Penney (Deputy Head) at

 Career Academies UK
Career Academies UK is a business-led charity which supports more than 1,000 employers from the public, private and voluntary sectors and more than 140 schools and colleges, working together to raise the aspirations and improve the employability skills of 16 to 19-year-olds, predominantly in urban areas.

Students are developed through paid internships, mentoring, guest lectures and workplace visits.  Additionally, all students in the relevant years are given the opportunity to benefit from 'Guru Lectures' and chances that present themselves through businesses being involved with the Academy.

Last year Career Academies UK celebrated its 10th anniversary, during which time almost 4,000 students have graduated from its programme with more than 85% progressing to higher education (sometimes the first in their family) or into gainful employment.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln