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Learn to Learn Evening May 2014

On 15th May 2014 several Year 7/8 students, together with their parents/carers, took part in our Learn to Learn evening.

The aim of the evening was to familiarise parents/carers with learning strategies that we use at the Academy and to demonstrate how together we can best support their child’s learning. It was an opportunity to see and try a range of resources that support and extend independent learning and to understand how these can be explored to impact positively on their child’s potential.

There were four introductory workshops covering Science and Mathematics software, the use of Sharepoint, Literacy and Approaches to Learning. Whilst sharing refreshments at the end of the evening, parents were able to discuss any issues raised with staff.

My thanks go to Mrs Bushell, Mr Hill, Mr Brown, Mrs Turner, Mr Galbraith, Mr Hackett and Mr Baker for staging the event and to some of our Year 8 students for their support and participation:
David Correia
Jack Phillips
Kacie Green
Hollie Collingwood
Blythe Enright.

Thanks also to our Year 12/13 students for helping to coordinate the evening:
Sarah Collins
Greg Gavin
Nicole Cottam
Harry Oliver
Michael Mason
Lauren Erwin
Tom Potter.




The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln