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The real thing

Are you man-made or natural?

It was a very close run thing, with 48% of you saying you’re man-made and 52% claiming natural origins.  Impressively thoughtful and articulate answers for both sides – a collection of which are below.


“Although I would never disagree with anyone who told me humans are natural, I cannot say that what I consider to be 'me' is not man-made. When asked if I am man-made , I think of what separates me from other people, which is not my organic body but my personality. Since birth my personality has been sculptured by modern society; religious morals, stereotypical gender expectations, the media, and all other aspects of modern life. These, although I am sure evolution also greatly played a part, are what I consider the factors in what has 'made' me what I am today, not my biology. So, I see us as man-made in the same was a see a oak table as man-made. Although both the table and myself have organic roots, and grew in a completely natural way, I have been sculptured by man and so consider myself man-made.”  Sam Groves, year 11, Sempringham

“Because my parents had to almost choose to have me and I could not have left it up to nature to create me as I am.”  Zachary Peutrill, year 7, Avalon

“Because without our parents (who are human) we wouldn't even exist. We are not made like rocks or lakes, without man interfering, we wouldn't exist so we are man-made.”  Nahla O’Rourke, year 7, Sempringham

“We are all made by man, our parents. Even though the first human was made by God, every human after was made by man (even though we are originally made by God).”  Christina Ryland, year 7, Alexandria


“Since humans are created through the process of reproduction, it must be whether or not the process of reproduction is natural. Reproduction is seen as a natural process, and humans did not create it (meaning that we are not man-made).”  Rachel Bell, year 10, Alexandria

“Technically, we are natural because we started off like animals, and we kind of are still animals whom we call 'natural'. And it's not like we are machines that have been designed by man, we ARE man, so how can we be 'man-made'?”  Nicola Crooks, year 7, Alexandria

"I believe that we are natural because we are living things and we could consider trees and plants natural so i think we are too.”  Lauren Woods, year 8, Avalon

“Humans exist because of evolution, evolution is not "man-made" therefore, we are not "man-made".”  Lucy Waltham, year 8, Sempringham

Overall House results:
1st – Alexandria (20 points)
2nd – Sempringham (15 points)
3rd – Avalon (10 points)
4th – Castille (5 points)

Well done everyone – I think this was your best work yet. 

Miss Nicholson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln