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Journey planner

Is it the same road in both directions?

Some of you took the question at face value – we have a lot of budding town planners out there – but some of you took a more philosophical approach.

In the ‘yes’ camp:

“There can be two sides of a road, just like people. It's like how we act completely opposite at school, or at home. Some people may recognise a road as 'The road to Lincoln' but another may think of it as 'The road to Grantham'. It's the same 'person', road, but it has two 'ways'. It's like two personalities. Two lives/'things'.”  Ben Griffiths, Year 8, Avalon.

“Yes, in my opinion, the road is the same road, whatever direction you travel on it. Despite the fact your reach a different destination, it is still the same road. It still has the same name, is made of the same materials .etc.  A person is surely still the same person whether you look at them from the front or back, so the same must apply to the road.”  Kathleen Freeman, Year 8, Avalon.

Supporting ‘no’ were:

“No, because there are many challenges that influence your decisions and therefore change your course. The roads will lead to different outcomes.”  Yar-Ting Zou, Year 8, Alexandria.

In terms of participation:

1st – Alexandria and Avalon
3rd – Castille
4th – Sempringham

Well done!

Miss Nicholson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln