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Volume control

Your last Thunk of the year asked you to consider:

When does loud start?

Here is a sample of your responses:

“When people start complaining.”  Thomas Barr, 12.7, Avalon

“When you hear something so loud that you have to cover your ears. When you hear something so loud that you just want to run away from the source of the sound. When you hear something so loud that you want to remove the source of the sound. So overall, something that you think should be turned down. (An example of this would be your parents shouting at you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK).”  Cameron Tindall, 8.1, Sempringham

“When a goal is scored in football.”  Benjamin Roberts, 9.3, Avalon

“Loud is different depending on the situation. For example, if you were in a quiet area, like a library, just talking in your standard voice would be considered loud, as it is a quiet place. However, if you were talking normally at somewhere very busy, like a concert, you may be considered quiet as people around you cannot hear you. I believe loud starts as soon as the volume of your voice is considered inappropriate.”  Kathleen Freeman, 7.5, Avalon

“When I walk in.”  Jordan Ralph, 9.9, Alexandria

Participation resulted in a tie at the top – a first for Thunks this year:

Joint 1st – Alexandria and Sempringham
3rd – Avalon (with only one fewer participant than Alexandria and Sempringham)
4th – Castille

Well done and thank you for all your brain power this year – we have some glorious thinkers in this school and it’s been a pleasure to read all your responses.

Miss Nicholson


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln