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Funny money

Would you have your sense of humour removed for one million pounds?

A total of 81% of you were adamant that your sense of humour was worth more than that, with a range of explanations including these:

“Because without a sense of humour you will probably have no friends. But up it to 20 mil and you have a deal.”  Adam Stanney, Year 8, Sempringham

“What sense of humour?”  Jordan Ralph, Year 9, Alexandria

“My sense of humour is a key part of my personality and to have that taken away would prevent me from being myself and would make me a different person. Also, I think the fact that laughter has the ability to make even the darkest situations somewhat better is a beautiful thing that no-one deserves to have taken away from them.”  Loren Taylor, Year 7, Castille

“I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SELL MY BODY.”  Thomas Barr, Year 12, Avalon

The remaining 19% of you were less wedded to your funny bones (some of you pointing out that you don’t really have one), with reasons including:

“I wouldn't want to have my happiness removed for one million pounds, but happiness is not the same as humour. One million pounds could buy me a lot of happiness, and it wouldn't really bother me if I couldn't laugh at people's jokes any more. However, it would be annoying not being able to watch comedies any more! But, receiving one million pounds is extremely rare. Anyway lots of people don't have a sense of humour, so it would be like getting a million pounds free!”  Jessica Olsen-Smith, Year 7, Castille

“Have you REALLY ever seen a sad millionaire?”  Joshua Barratt, Year 8, Sempringham

Many thanks for all your contributions.  Participation totals will be added to the overall House scores.

1st – Alexandria (43%)
2nd – Avalon (21%)
3rd – Sempringham (20%)
4th – Castille (16%)

Miss Nicholson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln