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Boredom threshold

Is something boring because of it or because of you?

An overwhelming 89% of you believe that boredom comes from within us.  Many different explanations were given, including:

“Because even if you may find something boring, there are other people who don't. Something is only boring if you make it that way. As Mary Poppins said: "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun".  All you need to do is make something interesting and you might even start liking it.”  Amy Thomas, 7.6, Alexandria

“Something is boring because of you, everybody is interested in different things and everybody finds other things boring. Some people may hate one thing and others may love it. It isn't the thing’s fault because it’s personal choice and personal interests so it’s your fault if you don't like something.”  Fiona Kelly, 8.5, Avalon

“You can make anything exciting as long as you put the effort into it and actually try. For example, you may not like reading books which only means these sorts of genres don't interest you - try something else. If you're at a party and you're getting bored, why don't you start something fun? It's just up to you to make the effort! Try looking at revision in a different way, for example. If you played an educational game which not only allowed you to learn but to have fun at the same time, then it works. And sitting there bored won't help either - go and do something you like!”  Isra Ahmed, 9.1, Sempringham

“Something you may find boring, someone else might find riveting. For example, you may find stamp collecting boring, but some for some people, it's their lives to track down stamps. Someone could find politics boring, but you personally enjoy it, for reasons unknown. There can be a majority who find something boring, but there is guaranteed to be someone, somewhere, who finds it interesting.”  Chloe Marschner, 9.6, Castille

“Because if you have a creative mind then you can come up with anything to do with it, for example: a piece of material. You could pretend that it is anything.”  Brandon Chapman, 10.8, Sempringham

“If things were boring in themselves, then everyone would agree on what was boring: it would be objective. In reality, there are things that some people find interesting and others don't; the very fact that some people bore others means that they have different ideas of what is boring.

For example, my uncle works for a car company. Once, he went to a museum with my parents and spent ages in a room full of old engines, examining each and every one in great detail and explaining the differences between them. The rest of the group were bored stiff; he was fascinated. Therefore, the reason for their boredom cannot have been something innate to the subject, but simply their opinion or subjective experience of it.

For every subject or topic in existence, there will be someone who finds it boring. There will also be someone who, like my uncle, finds it fascinating. For my dad, it's old telephone boxes. For my sister, it's Ancient Greek mythology, which I also find quite interesting. For me it's probably history, or maybe books. The point is, we find these subjects interesting and others may not, because interesting and boring are subjective definitions and not universal truths.”  Heather Jolliff, 12.9, Sempringham

The 11% who blamed boredom on ‘it’ struggled a little to justify this stance as well as those taking personal responsibility.  Interesting attempts included:

“Things like chess and cricket are boring in themselves. It's not just me.”  Alayka Naidoo, 9.7, Avalon

Well done to everyone who made a thoughtful contribution – that’s a  House event for you and a useful contribution to your House’s total participation.  Overall results were as follows:

1st – Alexandria (33%)
2nd – Avalon (28%)
3rd – Sempringham (25%)
4th – Castille (14%)

Miss Nicholson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln