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Sleep patterns

Am I any less alive when I am asleep?

69% of you thought that we were equally as alive in either state, with the following being some interesting explanations:

“You're probably more alive when you sleep because in a day you eat, go to school/ work then come home and eat but in your dreams you're doing anything from climbing a mountain to wrestling a crocodile.”  Neave Short, year 8, Alexandria

“I would define being alive as capable of breathing and having a need to do so. By this definition, somebody might, if they were in an accident, still be alive while being unconscious. This is the medical definition of 'alive'. Some people may define 'alive' as being capable of conscious thought, and this would technically mean that we were les alive when we were asleep. However, plants can be breathing quite happily without having any conscious thought ever (that we know of). It wouldn't be right to choose a definition that means that plants are never alive when they quite obviously are.”  Lucy Jolliff, year 9, Alexandria

“Because your entire body is still working and co-operating, and your brain is just relaxing, making new thoughts from the old. We call these 'dreams'.”  Benjamin Griffiths, year 7, Avalon

31% of you believe you are more alive now than you were last night:

“If you slept all of your life you would still be alive but you wouldn't be living. What could you achieve when you're just spending your life oblivious to the world around you? Nothing! It's like going to school but not doing any work, you aren't maximising your full potential.”  Elizabeth Airdrie, year 9, Avalon

“Yes I think you are less alive when you are asleep because being alive means living your life, achieving great things and striving for excellence but you can't do this when you are asleep. Although you need sleep to be able to do these things so you have energy, I think the reasons why you are less alive when you are asleep outweigh this point.”  Daniel Smailes, year 9, Castille

“If you take "alive" to be synonymous with "lively," then I'd say that the act of sleeping renders most people dull enough to be considered dead.
(Disclaimer: I do not routinely watch people sleep, so my opinion cannot be guaranteed as from a reliable source.)”  Eleanor Waltham, year 11, Sempringham

Participation results:

1st – Alexandria
2nd – Avalon and Castille
3rd – Sempringham

Thank you very much for a fantastic range of contributions.

Miss Nicholson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln