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At the beginning of this academic year, we decided to promote the ‘thunk’ to all students and staff in order to get us all thinking until our brains hurt. So - what’s a ‘thunk’? A thunk is a philosophical question which usually has no immediate or obvious ‘right’ answer, but has an uncanny way of making us think deeply about things that either matter a lot, or, conversely, don’t really matter at all; a way of making us argue elegantly or passionately with our friends; a way of building up persuasive skills that could be useful in a career as a lawyer, or equally, for wheedling extra pocket-money from one’s parents.

A ‘thunk’ question is sent out on an email to students and staff, directing them to a Sharepoint survey, where they have the opportunity to record their answer.  We are always impressed by the ingenuity of the answers sent in.

Miss Nicholson

  • The real thing

    Posted: 05/05/15

    Are you man-made or natural?

  • Journey planner

    Posted: 02/03/15

    Is it the same road in both directions?

  • Friend or foe?

    Posted: 18/11/14

    Can you have a friend you don't like?

  • Language barrier

    Posted: 03/10/14

    Is it OK if I swear at you in a language that you don't understand?

  • Volume control

    Posted: 01/07/14

    When does 'loud' start?

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