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U14 Netball Squad show amazing mental toughness to win against Bourne Grammar

The U14 netball team had a tough match to face today against Bourne Grammar School. Our team were determined on winning all through the match, which brought confidence and excitement to the game. Bourne Grammar began with the centre pass which led the defence  to work extremely well against the strong attacking team. At the end of the first quarter the score was 4-3 to us and finishing with a score of 7-9 by half time.


With amazing interceptions and defending skills from Chloe Freeman, Katherine Davenport and Zahra Benamara the ball was placed perfectly into the centre third with beautiful and accurate passes by Juliet Price, Kate Andrews, Courtney Delaney and Millie Meylav - Lawless. With this excellent play the team brought it back to 12-12.

Emily O'Boyle worked her way round the court to achieve  fantastic ball placement in the D which allowed consistent shooting throughout the game by Hollie Sendall, Kate Andrews and Sophie O'Boyle.

The final score was 16-15 and a winning victory for the Priory UI4 Netball Team! Zahra’s excellent play and defence resulted in her winning players player of the match. The team now have very high hopes for the county tournament later in the month!


Match report by Sophie O’Boyle.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln