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Under 14 Netball Squad – A storming victory at District Championships

On Wednesday 16th of October the U14 squad was involved in the district tournament to secure place in the county. The teams involved were Branston, North Kesteven, Minster, Queen Elizabeth and William Farr. In the heats we came up against North Kesteven School and William Farr School.


Everybody played very well with some amazing defending from Niamh Doherty and Zahra Benemara NK were finding it hard to score. Katherine Davenport and Ella Wood also played extremely well in defence ensuring no NK players received the ball. Emily O'Boyle in C controlled the game to our pace. There was once again some excellent shooting from Sophie O'Boyle and Hollie Sendall rarely missing a shot. Juliet also providing some beautiful balls into the D giving us many opportunities to score. The Final score for Match 1 being 7-3 to Priory a confident win. 


Our second match was against William Farr, we were all very pleased with our performance from the last game so decided to keep the strategy the same, luckily this worked as we won with a lead of Priory 9-2 William Farr. We counted these games as warm up games because the real competition was about to begin as we moved into the semi- finals.


In the semi's we played Branston, they were a team a lot stronger than the teams we had played against before however we stayed positive and played are best. There was some lovely movement from Sophie and Hollie in the circle and some brilliant passes by Yasmin, Juliet and Emily. The defence stayed strong and prevented Branston from scoring when they could. It was a tough game but in the end the score came to Priory 13-4 Branston down too some excellent shooting from Sophie and Hollie. Winning the semi-final meant we were through to the final. 


In our final match- the final we came up against the best team in competition QE, we fought as hard as we could playing our own game and our control on the ball was very good. As a team we all played extremely well and worked together to help score as many goals as possible. This match was very close and towards the end of the match we didn't even know who had won. Thanks to some excellent defence and some amazing attacking work the final score was Priory 5-5 QE making it a draw. This means that we are going to the COUNTY TOURNAMENT!!!!!!


Match report written by U14 Captain – Kate Andrews

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln